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Product Parameters

       Stainless steel pipe standards
  • GB2270-80 stainless steel seamless pipe
  • GB/T14976-94 stainless seamless steel pipe for fluid transport
  • GB/T14975-94 Stainless steel seamless tubes
  • GB13296-91 boiler, stainless steel tubes for heat exchangers
  • (GJB2608-96) (YB676-73) thick-walled seamless steel pipe Aviation Structural Steel
  • (GJB2296-95) (YB678-71) air with stainless seamless steel pipe
  • (YB/T679-97) (YB679-71) aviation 18A wall seamless hollow rivet
  • (GJB2609-96) (YB680-71) thin-walled seamless steel tubes for aircraft structures
  • (YB/T681-97) (YB681-71) air duct 20A with thin-walled seamless steel pipe
  • GB3090-82 small diameter stainless steel
  • GB5310-95 high-pressure boiler seamless steel pipe GB3087-82 low and medium pressure seamless steel pipe
  • GB3089-92 wall seamless stainless acid
  • Seamless steel pipe for petroleum cracking GB9948-88
  • ASTM A213 boiler and heat exchanger Ferritic and Austenitic Alloy Steel Seamless
  • ASTM A269 seamless steel pipe for general use and welded austenitic stainless steel
  • ASTM A312 stainless steel seamless steel pipe welded steel pipe welded steel pipe
  • ASTM A450 carbon steel, ferritic and austenitic alloy steel pipe for general requirements
  • ASTM A530 ferrite special purpose general requirements for steel and alloy steel
  • ASTM A789 general requirements for carbon austenitic stainless steel seamless and welded steel
  • JIS G3456-88 stainless steel pipe for machine structure
  • JIS G3448-88 general pipe stainless steel pipe
  • JIS G3459-88 pipe with a stainless steel tube
  • JIS G3463-88 boiler, heat exchanger stainless steel tube
  • Q / HYAD 101-91 Chemical seamless steel tube length (0Cr18NI11T)
  • Q / HYAD 103-91 00Cr18Ni5MO3Si2 duplex stainless steel seamless pipe

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